Derma Rollers and how they can help

Clear Scars

Acne scars can take different forms depending on the type of skin and different treatments can be prioritized depending on the scars that the patient (e) experiences.

It is necessary to make an appointment with a doctor before starting any new treatment because some of them can be invasive and attack the skin.

Sun exposure can intensify the marks left by acne pimples. Using sunscreen can be effective in preventing the appearance of acne scars.The derma roller is a dermatological quality roller to be applied to areas of the body (stomach, legs or face generally) in order to increase blood flow and thus firm the skin and make it smoother. This beauty instrument is more and more trendy because it allows a deeper skin care and treat wrinkles, scars, brown spots of the sun … By working the pores of the skin twice a week, the derma roller offers many other benefits to the skin of your face. Be careful, it is not recommended to use a derma roller when you have acne!

The dermaroller have between 180 and 1000 micro needles. The normal size roll is usually composed of 540 micro-needles 0.5 to 1.5mm in length and 1mm in diameter. These needles will allow medium and deep stimulation of the epidermis and dermis (for the longest micro-needles) by micro-perforation. For more sensitive areas, it is advisable to use shorter length needles, and for thicker areas such as on thigh skin, rolls of 1 mm or more may be used.

For facial skin, it is best not to use needles larger than 1mm. the 0.5mm and 1mm needles reach the dermis, thus favoring collagen production and increasing cosmetic penetration by 200 times as a cream applied just before a derma roller session. The cream that is often recommended to apply is based on vitamin C to illuminate the complexion and activate the production of collagen. Applied alone, this concentrate is already doing wonders, but when I use the derma roller after, the effect is downright incredible on the skin!

The derma roller also helps to exfoliate the skin, remove scars, stretch marks and significantly erase cellulite. It significantly reduces wrinkles and fine lines, improves the jaw line and chin, reduces stains and even restores the scalp for those who are prone to hair loss. It can even be used on hands against aging.

Derma rollers were generally used in offices by doctors or dermatologists to ensure the safety and proper use of the product.

For dermarollers of 0.5 mm and above, the use of an anesthetic cream will be essential. Laboratoires Surface-Paris have specially developed a version of 0.1mm, Meso-roller, for a softer application at home, while improving the tone of the skin and the absorption of the active ingredients of the sera.

TheDerma roller ritual


1- Clean

 It is essential to thoroughly clean the skin before using the roller to eliminate pollution residues, excess sebum and dead skin. Use an exfoliant depending on your skin type. After cleansing, the skin should not be red or feel pulled.

2- Purify

Clean your derma Roller before and after each treatment by disinfecting it with alcohol or disinfectant. Then rinse the roller with lukewarm water, and allow it to air dry before using or store in its case.

3- Activate

Using the derma roller, apply the contents of a bottle of the Surface-Paris Laboratories product to the dish. Soak the derma Roller product, rolling it in the cup.

4- Rolling

The skin should be cleansed, dry and should show no infection or open wounds. Make vertical, horizontal and diagonal movements with the derma-roller until complete absorption of the product. Start with the forehead, then the cheeks, around the lips.

5- Repeat

Repeat these movements by reactivating the roller regularly in the cup, until all the zones have been treated. The rest of the bottle can be applied to the neck, décolleté and hands, with the fingertips “strumming”.

6- Protect

Once the application is complete, it is recommended to use a light cream or mask of hyaluronic acid to complete the hydration process. Avoid products containing alcohol or perfume, as well as any exposure to the sun within 24 hours of application so as not to irritate the skin.

During treatment, it is crucial to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays. After your daily care routine, apply UV protection.