About Me

About Me

My name is Clair I’m 29 And I want to help look your best onlyby using naturel remedies, I don’t want you to make the same mistake I did when I first started, please do not use any product to whiten your skin!

The side effects of products that whiten the skin are so worrying about health that a prevention campaign has been launched by the Paris City Hall.

This campaign aims to make women of color aware of the risks they incur when they apply anti-pigmentproducts on their skin.

Because despite the ban on the sale of lightening creams in France and Europe, it can easily be found in African-American shops, on the internet and even on public roads.

Im very careful now of what I use on my skin, “I’m a big fan of naturalbutters for their elastic texture and their very nourishing power. Mix a dab of kokum butter, a dab of Shea butter (repairer, antioxidant and non-comedogenic) and add two drops of essential oil of immortelle. As the latter promotes good blood circulation, it allows better regeneration, oxygenation and tissue nutrition. I apply this mixture to the neck and face – away from the eyes – for a brighter, more transparent skin. “

Every morning, I recommend drinking a lukewarm lemon juice with grated ginger on an empty stomach. By facilitating the elimination of toxins, this potion has the effect of a detoxifying whiplash for the body and an instant burst of radiance on the skin. “

A Very Moisturizing

Alove Vera Cure

“In the winter, he is sovereign to do a cure of one month of aloe vera, at the rate of 50 ml fasting every morning. With its extraordinarily hydrating virtues, this plant is the ideal remedy to protect and moisturize skin attacked by cold. It even has a slightly plumping effect. “

good food, It limits its consumption of alcohol (not more than a glass of wine a day), known to dilate the blood vessels and mark the skin irreversibly. We do not eat too much fat (charcuterie, fast food …) to avoid an outbreak of pimples. In contrast, fish is recommended for its fatty acids that promote cell renewal. Foods rich in carotene (carrots, apricots, etc.) are also known to give skin radiance.

Essential oils, In a vaporizer, a few drops of essential oils are mixed with water to create a regenerating fluid. Sandalwood or bergamot oils are chosen for their moisturizing properties. It is sprayed several times a day to soften the skin and protect it from pollution.

Clay to purify, Oily skins often lack brilliance due to shine. To rebalance, mix two tablespoons of pink clay with the juice of half a lemon. Let it sit for a quarter of an hour before rinsing with clean water. And we avoid at all costs green clay that is too aggressive for the skin.