10 Home Remedies for

Clearer Skin

A clear and very uniform complexion is synonymous with youth and a well-maintained face. But to have such a satisfactory result, it is useful to choose the best solutions.

Today, with innovation and technology, many cosmetics and cosmetics are available on the market. However, since chemical treatments can be toxic, the best option will always be products made from natural components.

Consumers are looking for authenticity and simple solution that they can make at home to take care of their skin.

Treat Acne with White Clay

Softer than green clay, often used in the care of oily skin, white clay has no less than great absorbent properties. It is these virtues that justify its use in the treatment of acne skin. Exfoliating and astringent, white clay is able to absorb both substances beneath the surface of the skin, such as sebum and toxins, as well as those deposited on its surface, such as dead cells. Its purifying action makes it one of the most effective treatments against acne. If you have the face invaded by pimples, it is definitely the product to test, especially as the white clay is completely natural and, almost, completely devoid of side effects (with the exception of a slight temporary irritation during the pose of the mask). For optimal efficiency, do not hesitate to apply a clay mask, at least once a week, to problem areas.

Purifying Masks Cure with Green Clay

Clay mask for oily skin with imperfections, The face mask optimizes your beauty routine. It applies in addition to your daily care, once a week, to target a specific skin problem. It is a concentrate of active ingredients that, in 15 minutes, acts effectively to strengthen the action of your care and restore freshness to your skin.

Using a Moisturizer

Do you use a good moisturizer every morning to your face? That’s good, but for it to be really effective, you still have to apply it correctly … And wherever it’s needed. Tedious? Two minutes is enough. First tip: always proceed from the inside of the face to the outside. Start with the outline of the mouth: put a little cream at the corners of the lips and go back to the cheekbones and the temples by making small circles. Repeat starting from the upper lip. For the eye area, start from the inside by stretching the cream outward below and above the eye. Continue by the forehead, always in small circles, then the chin. Without forgetting to go back then to the neck and the neck. Areas too often forgotten, on which time marks tend to appear faster. In a few gestures, here is our fresh face, relaxed, rid of the last traces of sleep … In short, ready for the day!

Nutrition a Skin that Shines

The first nutritional advice for a glowing skin is to drink water – simply! – and to reduce your alcohol consumption. These are the two essential starting points for radiant skin.

Then, to avoid the blurred complexion and the uncertain skin texture, it is necessary to avoid the trans-present fatty acids in pastries, cold meats, sandwiches and industrial pizzas which will deregulate the sebaceous glands and make grease the skin.

On the contrary, opt for raw vegetables, which retain all their vitamins, and accompany them with good quality seasoning oil, such as wheat germ, olive oil or sunflower oil.

We often do not think about dried fruits, such as hazelnuts or almonds, which give the skin many trace elements.

Finally, drink green tea daily, which brings polyphenols good for the radiance of the complexion.


Sun protection is essential

From the first spots, it is advisable to apply a sunscreen to avoid aggravation of the pigmentation and to limit the appearance of new ones. Choose a product adapted to the sunshine of your region and your activities.

“To simplify things: from the end of April to the end of September, it would be necessary to use a day care containing sun protection SPF 15 or 20, even in the city.If you live in a sunny region, it is all year. of course, skiing, the sea, or for a walk in good weather, SPF 50 high protection sun protection is required, even in the middle of winter, “she adds. Then avoid exposing your face to the sun: wear a hat and sunglasses. But to reduce hyperpigmentation, solutions exist.

Eliminate excess sebum

It is the basis for displaying beautiful skin daily and eliminate sebum and other impurities that blur the complexion: a good cleansing of the face. For this, arm yourself with a good cleanser to make skin clean! Be careful to choose it according to your skin type, oily skin will not have the same needs as dry skin for example. You can perfect your cleansing routine by applying a small lotion to remove limescale from the water. Finally, do not forget to do a small scrub once a week to remove dead cells.

To avoid dark circles, consider blood circulation

Now that one has a perfectly cleansed skin, place in the “hydration” phase. An essential step that we wear makeup or not. We start by taking care of the outline of his eyes. But be careful, no matter how! We agree, it is customary to apply his serum or cream around the eye by massaging the eyes from the inside to the outside (no?). Serious mistake, if you want to be effective on a ring or pocket morning, better to respect the lymphatic routes.

Indeed, these nasty problems are the result of poor blood circulation, and not following the right path to stimulate the energy of the eye area is more or less to do nothing. And we, overworked women, really do not need that. So now, with the pulp of the index finger, we perform a mini-drainage by gently massaging the skin by small pressure in circular movements (and not by stretching to not wrinkle the skin and facilitate the appearance of wrinkles), a ten times from the outer corner to the inner corner of the eye. Then we do the same thing all around the orbit.

Apply lotion from the bottom to the top

Hydration always but with the rest of the face. And here is a simple trick that is important when applying your moisturizer: the best is to avoid pushing the face down (it is already doing very well alone). It’s a question of weightlessness. To hydrate the skin of his face with his day cream, we start from the neck to go up to the forehead, and from the center of the face up cheekbones. Push-up effect guaranteed. A small step for us, a big step to defy the laws of gravity.

 Activated carbon acne mask for the face

Activated carbon is excellent at adsorption, it is used in a wide variety of skin care products. Charcoal removes impurities from the pores of the skin.

If you want to try, here is what you need for the facial mask:

  • 1 teaspoon of activated carbon powder (we recommend the coconut because it has the largest surface area which means more adsorption)
  • A few drops of cumin seed oil
  • A few drops of Lavender (for an extra powerful mask)
  • Mix this with apple cider vinegar until it forms a thin dough.
  • Once mixed, apply the mixture to your face and let it dry completely before rinsing with warm water.
  • Acne bleaching acne face mask and acne honey

We all know that avocados are good for food, but did you know that your skin can also benefit significantly from water absorption? Avocados are full of vitamins and nutrients that work amazingly well on the ban of acne, and it’s also a great alternative for those of you with sensitive skin.

Here’s what you’ll need for the mask:

3 tablespoons Avocado

1/2 tablespoon of honey